Nature Basics

We at Nature Basics know how important it is to strengthen your body naturally from the inside. In order to support your lifestyle in the right way, we develop high-quality nutritional supplements, packaged in environmentally friendly materials. All the basic products we need for this purpose are provided by nature in their purest forms. Hence our name: Nature Basics


We only offer products that we can obtain in a natural way from nature. For this reason, you will look unsuccessfully for products that can currently only be produced synthetically or genetically modified, such as vitamin D3 or vitamin B12.


We offer products that are absolutely pure. No complex ingredients, additives or fillers – you will find only pure and desired ingredients in our capsules. That’s why some of our capsules are not completely filled.


We want to offer both our customers and ourselves 100% genuine sustainability. That’s why we decided to put together a climate-positive bundle: Glass and refill concept, plastic-minimized packaging, CO2 compensation plus additional reforestation, and organic certification – it’s all part of it!


This traditional Indian healing art has been practiced in Asia for thousands of years and is used to support the body's self-healing processes. Together with an Ayurvedic doctor, we have developed our extensive Ayurveda line, which includes everything that is used in the Ayurvedic healing art of nutritional supplements.

Immune system

With a strong and healthy immune system, humans are largely protected against germs that attack us every day. Our 13 products of the immune system line can support you in a natural way to build up your body's defenses. In this way, you can get through the cold season fit and vital!


In order to achieve optimal performance in sports, a healthy diet is important in addition to training. We must support our body, because it needs vitamins and nutrients every day, some of which cannot be produced by the body itself. Discover the natural supplements of our sports line, which are also used by our corresponding Olympic champions.

Our medical and sports support

Prabha Burkhard

For the development of our Ayurveda line it was important for us to get professional support from traditional Indian Ayurveda. Therefore we would like to thank our correspondent Prabha Burkhard, a doctor in the field of Ayurvedic medicine. Thanks to her many years of practical experience in the application of this healing art, she has enabled us to conscientiously incorporate elements of Ayurveda into our product range.

More information about Prabha Burkhard and her Ayurveda practice in Munich can be found on her website.