Ayurveda ist eine indische Heilkunst

Nature Basics | 25.11.2021

Ayurveda – What lies behind the Indian art of healing

Find out how Ayurveda strengthens your health

Ayurveda is an Indian healing art that represents a holistic approach to treatment. According to this science, every symptom has a cause that needs to be cured. In this way, many diseases can be cured without surgical intervention. Ayurveda is more than a medical treatment. It is an approach to life that touches the body, mind and spirit and leads people back to the right path of life.


What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is the science of life, which originates from India as one of the oldest healing and medical systems. In our latitudes, Ayurveda is still considered an alternative medicine, because this healing art considers many more aspects of human life when it comes to healing. The goal is not to name symptoms and treat them with medication. Instead, imbalances in the flow of energy are uncovered and the person’s lifestyle is changed to restore health.


In many Asian countries, people are treated very successfully by the Indian art of healing, which was already listed in the Vedas. Slowly, the understanding of Ayurveda is also developing in Western industrialized countries. Despite medical progress, there are more diseases than ever

in the western world, which is due to the approach of treatment.


The whole person is the focus

While Western medicine starts with the symptom and tries to restore health exclusively on the material level with the help of medication and exercise therapy, Ayurveda starts from a different place. This science considers the human being in its entirety and also includes its interactions with the environment. The Indian art of healing also starts with a symptom of illness, but it looks for the causes instead of treating the symptom. Ayurvedic medicine assumes that the human being is an expression of life energy, which, when flowing harmoniously, produces a healthy body.


Stress, a wrong diet, lack of exercise or limiting thinking cause blockages in the energetic system, which express themselves as symptoms. The Indian art of healing tries to change the faulty way of life in order to achieve the dissolution of the symptoms in this way. This medical approach brings man back to his original life flow. It assumes that man gets sick because of a wrong way of life, but that he is responsible for his own health. Western medicine completely disregards the human being and his reactions to the environment and focuses on treating the symptom.


Doshas, life energy and harmony of the human body

If you are interested in the Indian healing art Ayurveda, you will come across terms like life energy and doshas. All life and every form originate from life energy and dissolve in it again. There are three so-called Doshas, which are called Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The doshas are usually understood as different life energies, although the term comes from Sanskrit and literally means “faults” or “that which causes problems”.


Due to a wrong lifestyle, the flow of energy is obstructed. Symptoms (faults in the system) can arise. What was formerly a uniformly flowing energy suddenly appears as a deficiency in one place and as the corresponding surplus in another. In this situation, the Indian healing art tries to strengthen the deficiency and dampen the surplus in order to create a balance. If both parts come into balance, harmony sets in, and the symptoms disappear by themselves.


Pakruti and Vikruti

To reach this state, an Ayurvedic doctor must determine the basic natural state (Pakruti) of the person. You are born with this constitution. Your well-being depends on how perfectly you support this state through your lifestyle. It changes over the years because you will develop negative behaviors. Lack of sleep, unhealthy diet, stress, negative emotions, and lack of exercise will cause your basic state to become unbalanced. For example, excessive intake of sugar ensures that there must be an excess of fat cells to store the sugar (weight gain). At the same time, there may be a deficiency of insulin, which cannot handle the masses of sugar. This altered state is called Vikruti.


In this case, the unique life energy manifests itself in different and visible forms. Western medicine diagnoses and treats them as symptoms. However, the Indian art of healing starts with the wrong diet, sleep problems, psychological pressure or lack of exercise and treats the patient with massages, herbs, a change of diet and with regard to a sensitization of his eating habits. Beforehand, the constitutional type is determined through information on the physique, appetite, body temperature, skin, and cold and heat tolerance, and then the doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha are specifically strengthened or dampened.


The Ayurveda Indian healing art strengthens the human development process

Through this process, the understanding of man’s own responsibility grows, although this work is more elaborate than taking pills. Ayurveda makes you realize that you are the person who affects their health. In other words, your way of life determines whether the life energy flows harmoniously in your body or diseases develop. Therefore, the Indian art of healing takes into account more than the physical problems of a person. It also looks at the psychological situation and the interaction between the person and his environment to see what the problem is. In order for health to manifest itself, body, mind and spirit are considered.


An Ayurveda cure for your health

An Ayurvedic cure is designed to restore the balance of the doshas. In addition to massages, herbs and a change in diet, yoga and meditations are offered to bring about an inner cleansing of the mind. Most stress comes from the thoughts you have about yourself and the world around you. Many people grow up with a negative or limiting worldview. Hence, feelings of anxiety, guilt and anger have become the norm. But they mess with your endocrine system and attack your body on a physical level through stress hormones.


If you want to strengthen your health or permanently heal existing diseases and symptoms, you need more than pills to suppress a symptom. An Ayurvedic cure heals you on a holistic level and causes your understanding of body and mind to grow. A cure should last at least 3 to 4 weeks. In case of chronic diseases, a longer treatment period is needed.


The Ayurvedic cure either provides rejuvenation, revitalization or regeneration and emphasizes tissue building and strengthening of the constitution (Rasayana). Or it emphasizes detoxification of the body. This is done through oil applications, laxative treatments, enemas, and nutritional awareness (Panchakarma).


Detoxification eliminates the causes of diseases

A cure has the effect of purifying the body by cleaning out the blood vessels and joints. As a consequence, they can function properly again. Unfortunately, the idea of internal cleansing is less common in the Western world. The Indian art of healing has been treating chronic diseases in this way for a long time in a very successful way. Instead of treating the symptoms so that the life energy can flow freely again, an Ayurvedic cure involves administering medicated ghee (clarified butter), for example.


Ghee draws toxins and waste products out of the tissues. In this way, it dissolves the causes of many diseases of the rheumatic system or the heart. For this detoxification, the spa guest drinks medically prepared ghee in the morning for 3 days. For many patients, this treatment has made bypass surgery unnecessary. Calcifications of the coronary vessels dissolve and blood vessels regain their original permeability. Instead of a physical intervention, the Indian art of healing ensures the complete restoration of health in many cases even today with medical ghee.


The Indian art of healing – back to natural life

The progress does not help if the principles of a healthy life are forgotten. Envy, greed and fear are emotions that negatively affect the life energy and doshas in the human body. Thus, they create symptoms of disease. Your health depends on your attitude towards life and how you deal with daily situations. Therefore, through Ayurveda and its holistic approach you will find your way back to yourself.

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