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Nature Basics | 25.11.2021

Barley grass – Will the superfood be soon in your kitchen?

5 health benefits of barley grass

The barley grass plant is a type of grain that has been cultivated by humans for several thousand years. So, what is new about it? The fact that it is a very old and traditional medicinal plant? The sprouts contain a number of high-quality nutrients that play a significant role in the human body. Until now, the barley meal was more known, but much less healthy.


What is barley grass?

Barley is a plant of the family of sweet grasses and at the same time one of the most important cereals. Barley grass is obtained from the young blades of barley grass, which have already germinated. Research began a few decades ago, which proved the presence in the plant of numerous components that have a positive effect on the body. Especially on the metabolism and on the immune system barley grass can have a particularly positive effect as an alkaline food. The ingredients of barley grass can be easily absorbed by the body and are characterized by high bioavailability. As barley grass extract or powder – it contains numerous nutrients that can promote your health and give your body energy.


Ingredients such as trace elements, vitamins, minerals, and fiber, as well as antioxidants and vegetable proteins provide much that your body needs: Magnesium, potassium, calcium, zinc, numerous vitamins, and plant protein are just a few nutrients that the body needs to be and stay healthy. Many bodily functions and processes can only perform at 100% with an adequate supply of nutrients.


The top 5 health benefits of barley grass extract and powder

  1. Mood-boosting benefits:

Barley grass can become a good friend especially during the dark season and serve as a mood booster. It is a natural alternative to chemical products.

Note: In case of discomfort or symptoms, always seek the advice of a doctor and coordinate the intake of supplements.


  1. Skin health through antioxidants:

Some ingredients can help build cells and prevent the skin from aging through antioxidants. In addition, barley grass can be used for acne and atopic dermatitis. It can strengthen the hair, making it look healthy and vital. In addition, the ingredients provide UV protection for the skin and thus protect against the sun’s rays in a completely natural way.


  1. Digestion & weight loss:

Barley grass can also support the body in detoxification processes. In particular liver and pancreas. This results in a purification and deacidification process. At the same time, the feeling of hunger is reduced. This is mainly due to the chlorophyll contained. This combination leads to a weight loss effect. Fiber and trace elements provide a quick feeling of satiety. The magnesium contained also provides regulation of the digestive system. In addition, it can act against abdominal cramps and flatulence. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s recommended intake of barley grass extract or powder to avoid unpleasant side effects.


  1. Acid-base balance:

Through the deacidification process, barley grass as an alkaline food can help to harmonize the acid-base balance. Unhealthy diet makes it tip over quickly. Then the neutralizing effect of barley grass comes into play. Alkaline foods are generally particularly well suited for harmonization.


  1. Cholesterol lowering and blood formation.

This is about the so-called “bad cholesterol”. The cholesterol-lowering effect goes hand in hand with the positive effect on digestion, which in turn supports weight loss. The cell-building effect also has a positive effect on the blood. For example, in diabetes, it has a positive effect on blood sugar levels and high blood pressure.


What are the different forms?


The plant is first dried and finally ground into powder. The powder can be easily mixed with water or added to a smoothie, yogurt, or cereal. In addition, it is also suitable as a seasoning in cooking. Powder can be dosed very easily with a spoon.



Capsules are quite suitable for you if you do not like the taste. Barley grass capsules are to be taken with sufficient liquid.


Barley grass extract as an additive in smoothies or drinks:

Pressing the barley plant produces an extract that can be mixed in liquid form with drinks and foods. Studies have shown that gentle pressing best preserves the ingredients such as vitamins in the extract.


In general, the finer the consistency of the plant, the easier it is for the body to absorb the valuable ingredients.


Where does barley grass come from?

10,000 years ago, barley grass was already cultivated and used as food in the Middle East and Egypt. In some countries it was even revered as a “miracle cure”. With the Phoenicians, the valuable plant came over the sea to Europe.


Today, countries such as New Zealand, Russia, Germany, and France, among many others, produce the healthy plant. Many people know the barley mainly for the production of beer and less about their use as an alkaline food. Yet there are already numerous cooking recipes with barley grass used for its many purposes.


Trend or science?

Findings of science on the positive effects of barley grass are on the table. It is considered to be very well researched. Yet until today, the plant has been labeled as a “dietary supplement”. Studies from Japan and the USA prove however the high effectiveness of barley grass, which was proven also with heavy illnesses as for example chronic intestine illnesses.


In addition, it is important to note that the highest concentration of nutrients, such as numerous vitamins, is retained in the plant for only a few days. These days should be crucial for the harvesting process. Gentle harvesting and processing of the plant for the preservation of ingredients such as minerals of great importance.


Therefore, for the greatest possible health benefits, pay attention to excellent quality when buying.


Where can I buy barley grass?

Barley grass is available in drugstores, health food stores and organic stores. Various online platforms also offer the alkaline food. Look for the organic seal of approval and those preservatives and chemical additives are largely avoided. Particular attention is paid to organic and controlled cultivation. Products from Germany are mostly subject to controlled cultivation.


Therefore, look for organic quality! This guarantees a pure product that has not been diluted or mixed with other products.



Whether you prefer barley grass as a capsule or powder or want to use it as an extract, this rich food can support you in a healthy lifestyle with its valuable ingredients. A green plant, many vitamins, and minerals, with high health promotion and proven positive effects for body and mind. Not to mention the immune system, which can be strengthened by the diverse ingredients and nutrients.

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