Brahmi ist eine ayurvedische Heilpflanze

Nature Basics | 03.01.2022

Brahmi – Superfood and ayurvedic miracle herb

Learn more about what hides behind this medicinal plant

Do you know Brahmi? In this country, more and more people can react with an affirmative answer. The number of people discovering alternative medicinal plants for themselves is growing steadily. Brahmi and Ayurvedic medicine are closely related, to the extent that many people perceive the superfood as an Ayurvedic miracle cure. Yet some are still unaware of this highly acclaimed plant. Where does Brahmi come from? Which ingredients produce the health-promoting effect? How does the valuable medicinal plant work? We will now answer these and other interesting questions.


Brahmi – Origin and areas of application

The plant originates from South Asia. The botanical name is Bacopa monnieri. In German-speaking countries, the plant is known as Wasserysop or Kleines Fettblatt. The botanical name Bacopa monnieri is based on the name of the person who discovered it, Louis Guillaume Le Monnier. In shops, the plant is usually found under the Indian name Brahmi. The superfood is primarily native to South and Southeast Asian regions. These include countries such as Nepal, India, Vietnam and southern China. Wild brahmi also grows in many wetlands in the United States (Hawaii, Florida). Due to its significant medicinal properties, its cultivation also takes place in other countries.


For many millennia, the medicinal plant has been an important element in Ayurvedic medicine. The plant received its Indian name after the highest state of consciousness in Hinduism. It is called Brahman and describes the “eternal source of all that is”. At the time of birth, Brahmi was used to “open the gate to intelligence” in infants. As a result, the mental abilities of the child should be under a good star from the beginning. Already more than 3,000 years ago, it was observed that Brahmi had a strong influence on cognitive functions. The medicinal plant was able to stimulate learning, the speed of information processing and the ability to concentrate and remember. Therefore, many teachers and students used it as a focus aid.


High benefit – Versatile use

In the Indian Ayurvedic cuisine, the small fat leaf cannot be missing, because the herb has been an important Ayurvedic ingredient for a long time. In recent years, the plant has gained popularity, especially because of its medicinally active substances. Alternative practitioners, naturopaths and Ayurvedic physicians recommend Brahmi especially for promoting brain function. Therefore, the plant is also called memory plant. Brahmi can also have a healing effect on nerves and the heart, on joint and back pain, and on psychological disorders. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the plant is a proven remedy for sexual problems and rheumatic complaints.


Recent studies in the Western world have shown that the use of the medicinal plant can have versatile positive effects. Nowadays, physicians prescribe the plant as a tincture, tea or pressed juice (depending on the area of application). As a dietary supplement, Brahmi can be taken in this country in the form of powder or capsules.


Brahmi – Ingredients and effect of the superfood

Due to the diverse medically usable and highly effective substances, many people praise the plant as a miracle cure. The highly valued ingredients are primarily found in the herb or in the leaves. The saponins (bacoside A and B) contained therein have an effect on the human organism. Researchers have observed amazing effects on learning, brain function and concentration. Furthermore, saponins show anti-inflammatory, immune strengthening, diuretic, anti-anxiety, and hormone-stimulating properties. Scientists assume that the ingredients support the absorption of other vital substances and nutrients from the intestine. The regulation of cholesterol balance was also found in studies. Since the effective substances stop cell division in the intestine, researchers even suspect a preventive effect against intestinal cancer.


In addition to saponins, Brahmi contains various flavonoids. These include apigenin and luteolin. These secondary plant compounds protect plants from harmful environmental stimuli. In numerous studies, flavonoids showed positive effects on the human organism. In particular, cardiovascular function and the immune system are said to work better with the help of the secondary plant compounds. Flavonoids can have a cancer-preventing and anti-inflammatory effect. The so-called antioxidants are able to render cell-damaging compounds in the organism harmless. Triterpenes also belong to the secondary plant substances and are abundant in the plant. Phytosterol is another ingredient, and this contains healthy plant fats that strengthen the immune system and cardiovascular system.


Small fat leaf – Powerful brain function, strong memory and much more

Many physicians use Brahmi as a so-called nootropic. This describes a remedy that serves to strengthen the brain functions and activation of the central nervous system. The plant is also frequently used against exhaustion and fatigue. Brahmi extracts are also said to have cell-protective, hormone-stimulating, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effects. In many cases, the medicinal plant is also used as a sedative, blood purifier, antispasmodic, digestive, diaphoretic, and diuretic.


When reading, it is already noticeable that the plant obviously brings a lot of positive effects on the physical as well as mental well-being. Therefore, it is obvious to call Brahmi a miracle herb and superfood. Not all, but many of the described effects are scientifically clearly provable.


Brahmi and science

Corresponding studies could prove that the plant has a significant influence on the learning ability. This is mainly due to the saponins bacoside A and B. American researchers at the University of Victoria wanted to examine the effect of Brahmi on the ability to concentrate, the regulation of brain and nerve cells, and mental clarity. To do this, researchers gave a placebo to a group of adults for 12 weeks. The comparison group received Brahmi. After this time, the group receiving Brahmi showed significant effects. This group was able to process visual stimuli better. The subjects showed stronger learning and comprehension abilities. In addition, there was evidence of better recall in both long and short-term memory.


Other study results showed that substances from the plant have an anti-aging effect. The anti-aging effect appears because the plant extract can lead to the improvement of cognitive abilities in elderly people. Studies have shown that mental performance increases. This may counteract dementia. The natural mental aging process can slow down. However, there is still no clear scientific proof of this, but clinical studies are working intensively to be able to prove the powerful effects with certainty.


There are further research results, which deal with the stress-reducing effect of the plant. Indian scientists conducted a large-scale study to determine the extent to which the lesser burnet leaf can reduce stress and relieve anxiety. The study concluded that the plant substances are so-called adaptogens. Adaptogens are substances that help the organism build increased resistance to stress. There is a correction of the imbalance caused by stress. The physical homeostasis changes positively. Homeostasis refers to different regulatory processes, such as those related to blood circulation, body temperature and hormonal balance. An adaptogenic herb like Brahmi can therefore have a balancing and regulating effect.


Conclusion: Small fat leaf – big effect

Brahmi is one of the best-researched medicinal plants, and meticulous studies on its effects and ingredients are still ongoing. Even if not all positive effects can be scientifically proven, the experiences of many users speak for the healing effect of the Ayurvedic miracle herb. It is important to pay attention to high quality when taking the preparation. In addition, it may be advantageous to seek medical advice in advance to avoid undesirable interactions. If you are curious about the multifaceted healing power of Brahmi, you can convince yourself by your own experience.


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