Your questions - our answers!

On this page we have collected all the questions that we are often asked. If your question is not listed here, you can always contact us via the contact form or by mail (friends@naturebasics.de)!

1) What products does Nature Basics offer and why are we different?

From nature for nature – at Nature Basics we focus on health in harmony with nature. When you take one of our products, you are taking only the pure active ingredient (e.g. iron) and, if necessary, cofactors (e.g. vitamin C).

Our entire product range consists of pure, natural, and vegan ingredients, whereby we completely avoid fillers and overdosing. Furthermore, all our products are bottled in Germany. We also contribute greatly to a more sustainable development with our partner Eden Reforestation Projects by planting a tree for every product sold. Eventually, all our supplements are lovingly designed and available in beautiful, reusable glass jars – so a real eye-catcher! 😊

2) Where are the trees planted?

Since we are working with Eden Reforestation Projects for this, our trees are planted in all the countries where this non-profit organization operates: Nepal, Madagascar, Haiti, Indonesia, Mozambique, Kenya, Honduras, Nicaragua. In the projects we support, most of the trees are planted in Madagascar.

3) How are the substances extracted?

The extraction processes vary depending on the product. Some nutrients are extracted with the help of water, others are simply dried. Here, too, we pay attention to natural processes that do not minimize the effect of the nutrients in any way.

4) Are there any special certifications?

In cooperation with our renowned partner “Climate Partner” our products are certified climate positive. In addition, we use the EU organic standard (EU-Bio Norm) for products where the raw materials are available on the market in this form, which we have also certified.

5) What does "natural" mean?

This means that our raw materials and the resulting capsules are not treated in any form. So nothing is produced synthetically, a raw material is left as it is and accordingly simply processed.

6) What are the refill bags made of?

Because our refill bags are made of 100% PE (polyethylene), they are easily recyclable. To achieve this 100% PE, the outer layer is made with a paper look – so we don’t use kraft paper.

7) Is it also possible to open the capsules and take the contained powder directly if I have a problem swallowing tablets?

Since our capsules consist only of purely natural ingredients, they can also be opened and dissolved in food or in a glass of water. However, you should make sure that you use cold meals and drinks for this purpose, otherwise the vitamins can be attacked and thus ultimately can no longer develop their full effect.

8) What is the manufacturing process?

We manufacture our capsules in a local production facility in Bavaria. The raw materials are of course imported, as they are unfortunately not grown and cultivated in Germany. When selecting the individual ingredients, we always pay attention to high quality. If the raw materials are available on the market in organic quality, we offer them of course.

9) How can I cancel my subscription?

You can either cancel your subscription in your customer account or send us an email with your request to friends@naturebasics.de.