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Nature Basics | 25.11.2021

Golden milk – ayurvedic drink with it-character

Fascinating facts about a re-discovered classic

Where Golden Milk gets its name is obvious at first glance: The drink shows a rich yellow color and shimmers mysteriously when exposed to light. The reason for this is the turmeric or curcuma it contains, also known as turmeric or saffron. It gives Golden Milk a variety of effects and has thus made it a popular energy drink. Find out here to what extent this is justified:


Curcuma as an ingredient for Golden Milk

Curcuma is a powder obtained from the root bulb of Curcuma longa. The plant belongs to the ginger family and is native to the tropical regions of Southeast Asia. Here, it thrives in predominantly dry soils with constantly high humidity and uniform sunlight. In order to obtain the sought-after ingredient of its root, the tuber must be dug up completely. Traditionally, this step is done manually, but special machines are being used more and more frequently – because the demand for curcuma is rising continuously.


This is partly due to the indescribable taste of the yellow tuber. Dishes or drinks flavored with turmeric acquire a unique, mildly spicy gusto that is distantly reminiscent of saffron. As a result, turmeric is often used as a substitute for the more expensive crocus handles, forming an essential ingredient in curry blends. The charismatic tasting tuber and the powder derived from it has become famous worldwide thanks to them.


However, curcuma overgrew its main role as a seasoning long ago. Many people appreciate it not only for its typical aroma, but also for its holistic effect. The ingredients of the turmeric tuber are said to have a number of outstanding properties, which come in the form of juice, tablets, or capsules. Regular intake of the preparations is said to have a digestive effect, reduce bloating and stimulate intestinal activity.


In addition, turmeric can improve the appearance of the skin – because the fresh rootstock contains antioxidants that scavenge free radicals and counteract wrinkles. Furthermore, the turmeric tuber contains anti-inflammatory enzymes, so that impurities subside faster, and injuries heal better.


Golden Milk as Yogi Medicine

However, these are not new findings, but centuries-old knowledge. Archaeological findings prove that curcuma was used medicinally already around 600 BC. Ayurvedic writings refer to it as a general tonic or immune booster and attribute to it soothing effects in respiratory diseases or joint complaints. A spectrum of action that is ideal for people with deficient or lacking defenses.


These are found not only among aging and pre-diseased individuals – but also among those who live deliberately ascetic lives. The abstinence from food, liquids or comfort can cause indisposition and weakness; but it can also result in serious ailments. Nevertheless, the abstemious yogi*ni of ancient Indian culture usually enjoyed excellent health and often reached an astonishing old age.


Its secret was a drink that modern medicine would have loved to invent. Consisting of a minimum of easily procurable ingredients and consumed in the smallest quantities, it strengthened the body and the immune system, allowed small wounds to heal quickly, and improved the appearance of the skin as if by accident. The equally miraculous and whimsical drink had neither a special name nor a recipe. Yogis let themselves be guided by their philosophy when mixing it and created what you can order in almost every restaurant today.


Golden milk according to Ayurvedic principles

The original preparation follows the principle that every ingredient should have a positive effect on the body. Golden Milk meets this requirement both through the basic liquid and with regard to the added spices. However, their mixture is not aimed at taste, but at the value of the drink.


From the perspective of traditional yoga, milking a mother animal touches on two yamas/prohibitions at once: Stealing and killing. In order to keep these mental impurities low, the consumption of milk is strongly limited. Larger quantities or daily consumption are taboo for Yogi*ni. There must always be enough for the young – even more so if it is a calf, as cattle are not allowed to be slaughtered in India.


Spices and herbs are added to the little milk allowed in order to give it maximum effect. Those that are satiating, i.e. have a purifying and vitalizing effect, are the main ones used. Powder obtained from turmeric root and barley grass are ideally suited for this purpose, because they act like medicine, which is otherwise only available on prescription.


Ayurvedic herbal medicine acknowledges not only the effect of individual herbs, but also their mutual influence. Therefore, the unwritten recipe calls for adding some pepper to golden milk. The piperine contained in it increases the absorption of the curcuma components by up to 2,000 (!) percent.


Golden milk recipe for home use

However, simply mixing the above ingredients is not enough to achieve a uniform coloration of the milk. The turmeric powder would form lumps in the liquid or float around in it in the form of individual granules. Therefore, you need to process it into a paste before blending. This is quick, easy, and gives you the opportunity to build up a larger supply to use for each glass of Gold Milk.


All you need is


– turmeric powder and

– water


in a ratio of 1:7 – i.e. about 120 milliliters of water per tablespoon of turmeric. Put both in a pot and make the mixture boil. Reduce the heat and let the liquid simmer gently for about 10 minutes, stirring constantly. Once enough water has evaporated, the contents of the pot will become viscous. Now you can transfer it to a clean screw-top jar and store it in the refrigerator for up to three weeks.


To enjoy an Ayurvedic drink in the style of ancient Indian yogis, stir 1-2 teaspoons of the paste into 250 milliliters of cold or warm milk and add some pepper to it, so that your body can better absorb and utilize the natural medicine turmeric. Be careful not to overdo it here; otherwise your Golden Milk will become over-seasoned and possibly even unpalatable because piperine can irritate the stomach lining.


Also, remember that turmeric stains heavily and leaves behind impurities that are difficult to remove. Therefore, use easy-to-clean glass, ceramic or stainless-steel utensils and use a separate spoon for stirring. If the spice or paste has caused stains on your hands, warm water, soap, and lemon juice will improve the appearance of your skin.


Vary and individualize golden milk

Already the approach described above can be varied by adding


– some barley grass,

– finely grated ginger and/or

– a pinch of nutmeg.


Further variations of Golden Milk can be made with the base liquid. To make it vegan and completely suitable for yoga, instead of animal products you can use plant products such as


– oat,

– almond or

– soy milk


instead of animal products.


Regardless of the type you choose, your drink can be enhanced with individual spices:


– anise;

– coconut oil;

– vanilla;

– cinnamon.


Depending on the nutritional concept, you can complete the Golden Milk with any amount of:


– agave syrup;

– maple syrup;

– honey;

– sweetener;

– sugar.


Nature Basics wishes you a lot of fun trying it out!


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