High demands on us and our products – that is important to us!

In our product concept we combine the well-being of man with the well-being of nature. All ingredients used are absolutely pure, natural and highly dosed in each capsule. To make our supplements accessible to as many people as possible, they are also 100% vegan and gluten-free. In addition, we produce CO2-neutral, sustainable and contribute to the reforestation of the rainforest through the campaign “1 can = 1 tree“.

Because what is good for us must also be good for nature.

Our partner

Nachhaltigkeit ist wichtig

It is important to us that our brand can give something back to nature for its services. Therefore, all our products are CO2 neutral. In cooperation with the established partner “ClimatePartner“, we compensate the carbon dioxide generated for the entire manufacturing process of each product and are thus a climate-neutral company.

Bäume pflanzen für eine nachhaltige Erde
"Eden Reforestation Projects"

But that is not enough for us! With every product sold, we plant a tree in Madagascar in collaboration with our partner “Eden Reforestation Projects“.
Thus, not only us primarily support the reforestation of the rainforest and the local population, but especially our customers do.


For each product sold, one tree is planted


This is where our trees are planted:

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