Iron capsules: natural & vegan

Natural iron and vitamin C obtained from curry leaf extract and rosehip extract.

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Iron capsules

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Our body needs an adequate amount of iron because the oxygen in our blood is connected to iron in the red blood cells and is thus distributed throughout the body via the bloodstream. In addition, iron helps to a normal function of the energy metabolism and contributes to the reduction of fatigue.

Our premium iron

Iron takes on many important key functions in our organism – it is responsible for oxygen transport and for energy metabolism. Without iron, no oxygen can reach the cells, therefore this essential trace element takes over a vital function. In this context, essential means that the body cannot produce iron itself, but can only obtain it from food. It is therefore dependent on a sufficient supply of iron-containing foods. Iron therefore ensures that we remain efficient and healthy. An iron deficiency, on the other hand, makes us tired, listless and lacking in energy and can even lead to developmental disorders in children. We have rounded off our natural iron capsules by adding natural vitamin C in the form of high-quality rosehip extract. Through the inclusion of the co-factor vitamin C, the absorption of iron via the intestinal tract can be additionally optimized.

High quality ingredients

467 mg curry leaf extract, of which 14 mg is natural iron, and 160 mg rosehip extract, of which 80 mg is vitamin C, per daily dose for optimal bioavailability.

Vegan, natural & without unwanted additives

Our natural iron capsules are free from magnesium stearate, release agents, flavors, dyes, stabilizers, fillers, gelatin and of course GMO-free, lactose-free, gluten-free & preservative-free.

Instructions for use

Take one iron capsule a day with 200 ml of water with food.

Our vegan capsule made of hydroxypropylmethylcellulose are particularly easy to swallow.

Capsules can be opened.

Possible interactions

The absorption of iron might be inhibited by calcium-rich foods. For this reason, it is better to take them in different moments. Conversely, foods rich in Vitamin C increase the absorption of iron, which is why our natural iron also contains Vitamin C for improved absorption. Moreover, we suggest taking iron on an empty stomach, since food and beverages such as tea and milk might influence the process of absorption of iron from the gut.

In spite of all our recommendations, medical advice should be sought in case of doubt.

High quality

We use well tolerated and 100% natural iron from curry leaf and rosehip extract.

Absolute purity

Our iron capsules contain no undesirable additives such as magnesium stearate or gelatin and are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Maximum safety

Our products are manufactured in strictly tested and certified facilities in Germany.

Good tolerance

Good tolerance due to gentle processing combined with a high degree of purity.

Has the product been tested for safety and quality?

Yes, our iron capsules have been tested by an independent laboratory for quality and safety. The test confirmation can be found in the following link: Untersuchungsbestätigung Eisen

What are the symptoms of iron deficiency?

An iron deficiency can have various symptoms. A mild iron deficiency can also go unnoticed. Those affected are often limited in their physical performance and feel tired and exhausted, for example. In the case of an advanced iron deficiency, severe symptoms can follow.

Where do the raw materials used come from?

The raw material of the curry leaf extract comes from India and the rosehip from wild-growing areas in Germany.


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No risk thanks to our 14 day money back guarantee.

For any question, we are here for you:

From 30 € order value free delivery to Germany & already in 1-3 days with you.